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  •  Larry Hoffman
  • Director of Business Development

Larry Hoffman by nature is an Artist with an endless creative mind and energy .
His communication skill is immaculate. He is a born entrepreneur and a Leader, has 35 years experience in marketing and sales.
He had to take responsibility to be the head of the family and a bread winner after he lost his father at an early age, right then he knew that he had to make things happen and he keeps the same attitude .
When he is not busy developing American Prestige Care, He is designing , which is his passion.
We are very fortunate to have him in our team.


Kendra Taylor LPN

Senior Administrator 






Management Consultant 





Ravi Batra

Ravi Batra
Client Care Advisor & Case Manager

Ravi Batra is a recent graduate with a bachelors in science in Biological Sciences from Georgia State University. He majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry with minor coursework in psychology. After graduating from Georgia State, Ravi received his CNA certification and applied to a registered nurse program. He is beginning nursing school in Fall 2012. Ravi Batras ultimate goal is to become a physician assistant and practice holistic and preventative medicine focusing on diet, exercise, and stress relief to prevent common ailments and chronic diseases. Ravi brings his passion to American Prestige Care as the client care adviser and case manager.